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Were you looking for the RPG variation of Bones  ?
"When is the time coming that i can finally get a bathtub ? ... Err, i meant, world domination !"
-Bones, Bonebreaker

Admiral Bones, real name Theodore Sheldon Leonard, is one of The Wither's agents and second-in-command. He's also the secondary antagonist of Minecraft: Revenge of the Wither.


Other than great Suplex skills, Bones can also use magic powers:

  • Crimson Cannon: Bones fires a huge, red energy ball from his chest.
  • Blue Hit: Bones charges a blue fire on his arm, and strikes the enemy with it.
  • Thunderbass: Bones can make lightning strike by simply pointing at a block.
  • Chill Out, Man !: Bones freezes his enemy.

All of these abilities use energy, and he barely uses them unless it's an emergency.