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Breakabout Elfonius IX, or simply Breakabout, is the true secondary antagonist of The Craftverse. He used to be the tertiary antagonist of Season 3, a major antagonist in Season 4 and the secondary antagonist of Season 5.

After Season 6, he turns against Morpher after being misemployed.



Season 6-9Edit


After being abused and maltreated by Lord Morpher at the end of Season 6, Breakabout left Morpher to work together with Wipeout, who was betrayed and fired, and savaged and bedeviled in the same way as Breakbout. After Wipeout took over the world with a putsch, Breakabout soon became president, later imperator while Wipeout was despot of the world.

Season 6-8Edit


Season 9Edit


Final ConfrontationEdit

Breakabout's most promiment role was when cornered in the Conference Hall in the final episode of Season 9, where he fought Morpher with a about-sledge. After nearly losing the fight, Breakabout fled with Wipeout after planting a incediary bomb.