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CMCI RPG (released in Japan and Scotland as CMCI Role-Playing) is a 2015-2016 strategy-turn-based role-playing game developed by Craft Media Cast International and Expansion Corporations, Inc. It was released on Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, as well as Linux and Mac OS X. It revolves around the MROTW and The Craftverse characters teaming up to defeat Wipeout, who plans on reprisal.


Wipeout is planning payback to retaliate on Lord Morpher. He gets the idea to create a dimensional rift to bring in the MROTW cast, seaking to team up with TAWPA. Bones, Gray, Wither and Atomus Explosive, as well as more agents from TAWPA, team up with Wipeout and Breakabout.

Wipeout initially plans on hiring hitmen, but Bones comes off with a better plan: An antenna which sends mind-controlling soundwaves. He takes over the majority of the world. Alan, the Mayor, Steve, Guns and Lord Morpher see no choice but cooperate. At a certain point in the game, they encounter a Blaze, who appears to be the Deity of the Nether. The Deity then proceeds to help.

After defeating TAWPA, Wipeout leaves them behind, ire that they failed. Bones then joins the party.

In the final battle, Wipeout (who has turned into a stronger form, Wipecide) has one more trace: He creates a clone of Bones, called Schwarz Gebeine (German for Black Bones). Schwarz Gebeine then decides to fight the player's party, and if he beats them, destroy the continent along with all who dwell in. After a fight in which Schwarz collapses into ribs, but Wipeout turns into the nucleus, reviving him. After five turns of fighting, the core attempts to fire a massive laser; if repelled, the core is shot out. The screen splits in two, in which Bones and the Mayor fight Wipeout, while Steve and Alan fight Gebeine. After destroying the core (Cardiac Wipecide), Schwartz Gebeine blows up like a Creeper. Wipeout merely remains as a skull and some ribs and one leg. Wipeout clones himself to ensure his plans never end, the duplication running away while Wipeout turns into a supermassive black hole as a last ditch effort to kill the heroes. The Deity of the Nether appears, though, and sacrifices himself by throwing himself in the black hole; although the Deity got murdered in the process, this destroyed the black hole, too. Wipeout's clone is still at large, though. The MROTW characters return to their own dimension afterwards.

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