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"Thus, history was made in these messages."

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Hey it's me TheFallenNinja and just let me tell

you what happened.

This can be offensive to younger readers


OK, I was staring at the other guy. I said "who are you", and he said "I am er..." "ARGHHHHH"I shouted "WHO ARE YOU!" Then he said "I am the genetically modified altered crazy ninja of the admin-that-is-not-a-admin of the 1 fifth of the 1 whole completely CMCI fan of the crazy guy of Angry's admin anything of any person of all of them in history." I looked at the guy in confusion, "don't get it? ok I am your CLONE." Then I thought WTFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then he looked at me and said, "you see, NinjaFallenThe-" "it's TheFallenNinja!'" "Yeah yeah commanding leader of Gameknight999 Wiki, let me move on, so I was created in a lab of I-dont-know and he told me to kill you." "Huh? kill me?, why?" Suddenly Angry and the rest of the admins came forward,I chopped of the fake me to find out that... HE WAS A ROBOT!!!!! The head regenerated back and said "You see, once I was created, I made android versions of the rest of the admins, now you will die!" THEN EVRYTHING WENT BLACK.

Next episode in progress