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Cow Simulator is a game for GameStick, Amazon Fire TV and Mac OS X and a spinoff of the MROTW series, starring Moomoo, Steve's cow. The game is an obvious parody of Goat Simulator.


As Moomoo, the player must complete several missions. The player can move around, make small jumps, shoot milk and lick things. The player can also make the cow ram. Mooshrooms and other kinds of cows can be unlocked as playable characters. There are also minigames.


  • No Milking !:  Bones invades Steve's farm and tries to milk Moomoo. The player must constantly press the buttons to beat up Bones and ultimately crush him entirely.
  • No Milking ! Pt. 2: Just like "No Milking!", but the player must now shake Bones off, poop on him and throw him in the air.
  • Diamond Ram: The buttons must be constantly mashed to make the running Moomoo run faster, until he rams the Diamond Ore and gets diamonds.
  • Milk Shooter: Aim, then fire milk all over the place !
  • Gold !: One button must be mashed rather constantly to crash onto Slimes and get Gold from them.
  • Ruby !: Two buttons must be constantly held down to ram into Pigmen to get Rubies.
  • Emerald !: The AFT triggers/OS X numbers must be pressed constantly to fire butt lasers into Generic Villagers, to steal their Emeralds.
  • Cow Race !: Simple: A race against other Cows.
  • Cow Wars: Defeat the evil Darth Bovine and his Bull Droids ! As a Mooshroom, shoot fungus against UFOs to wreck them ! Go online and beat others' high scores ! .
  • jeb: Create jeb_ sheep and paint them to your likeness, to then get scores from Cows. If you have 5 or higher, you may fire a rainbow ray against the sheep and blow it into the plants !
  • Skydivin' !: To beat your rivals' record, go skydiving and land in the water... or in the milk !
  • Kool Kow: In an epic 3D beat'em up game, Moomoo must find the Legendary Sunglasses and the Mythical Doritos to raise his Swag Meter above 9000.
  • Pig Park: Play as the epic Cow, ramming Pigs into Players to score points !