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Creeper Adventure is a 2015 third-person beat-em-up sandbox 3D platformer game, released by Magmacore Development and Craft Studios for Windows (Steam, Desura, IndieDB, GameJolt), Mac, Linux, Xbox One and New Nintendo 3DS. CMCI is the publisher on all platforms, though the 3DS version is licensed by Nintendo, and the Xbox edition by Microsoft. It revolves around a Creeper waking up with amnesia, who attempts to stop the evil Magnate Fire.


Short SummaryEdit

The game revolves around a Creeper known as Verdant, who wakes up in a cage, in some type of botany lab. Verdant didn't renember anything from what happened, where/who he is, and who the other people are. Simply: he lost his memory. The Creeper sets off to regain his senses and memories, and soon, defeat the CEO of the botany lab, Magnate Fire, which plans on engulfing the entire world in vines.

Chapter 1: Ouch...Edit

Chapter 2: Elude HimEdit

Chapter 3: InterlopersEdit

Chapter GenesisEdit


Verdant must be controlled on a quest to save the world from HAMMER, an botany lab that attempts to engulf the world in vines, and turn all citizens in plants, which obey none other than HAMMER's chairman. There are two kinds of levels:

  • Beat 'em up: A level with small platform elements. At certain points, a horde of enemies will jump in, and have to be defeated before advancing to the next area. At the end, a boss is mostly fought.
  • Platforming: Self-explanatory.

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