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The Fane Maze is the "boss" of Savannah Rainforest in Minecraft: Revenge of the Wither, as well as the sixth "boss" overall. Just like the Labyrinth Zone boss in the 16-bit Sonic the Hedgehog for the Mega Drive/Genesis, it's not regarded as a true boss.


The Fazne Maze obviously appears in Savannah Rainforest's boss level. As soon as Steve is near the exit of the temple, a trapdoor opens and he falls through. He lands in a Deathrun like arena. The security system detects Steve, and several traps activate. The goal of the level is to safely make your way out of the maze. Standing still is not an option, as a entity looking like several purple orbs shaped like an pyramid ("The Entity") is moving forwards as well, evaporating Steve upon contact, resulting in a instant Game Over.

At a certain point, a second entity appears in front of Steve, meaning he must not run too fast. To make matters worse, the entities may move erratically/back and forth. Upon reaching the exit, the contraprion collapses and Steve can advance to the next worlds.


  • Flowing Lava
  • Dispensers
  • Zombie Pigmen
  • Pistons
  • "Crushers"
  • Giant Redstone Contraptions
  • TNT
  • Fire
  • Kreeper Kannons (the k's are intentional, to make a pun)
  • Spreading Fire
  • Potion Launchers
  • Falling Anvils


  • The Fane Maze is the only boss in the game to not be a true boss, like the Labyrinth Zone Boss from the 16-bit Sonic the Hedgehog.