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Emperor Kelegikins II
Rank(s) Emperor
Birth August 7th,1963 (age 61)
Weapon(s) None
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color
Hair Color Brown
Prime Ministers
  • Ekemdar (October 5,1982-October 5,1987)
  • Selemendar (October 5,1987-October 5,1992)
  • Ederdar (October 5,1992-October 5,1997)
  • Sirthin (October 5,1992-October 5,2002)
  • Edethin (October 5,2002-October 5,2007)
  • Melesthins (October 5,2007-October 5,2012)
  • Mithins (October 5,2012-October 5,2017)
  • Mrend (October 5,2017-October 5,2022)
  • Vrend (October 5,2022-present)
Affiliation Geam
Type of Trooper

Kelegikins II is the leader of the Poflarian Empire and has held the title since October 5th,1982.