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Kolari was the former main villain of the game Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither : Playing Roles. Kolari is an evil Iron Golem, that was born 1015 years after the apparant dissapearance of Steve and TAWPA. Taking his chance, Kolari went to a village and stole a magic book from him. With that, he casted a malicious spell, that completely changed the world structure.

Kolari was exterminated by Bones near the end of the game.


  • HP: 5000
  • POW: 140
  • DEF: 118
  • SPEED: 260
  • EXP: 500


In the future (3000 years in the future to be exact), in the year 5015, Kolari had dominated the world of Minecraft, turned it into Squarecube Isle, the only continent in the future cosmos' only planet, where it's always sunset. Kolari met Admiral Bones when he went trough a time gap created by the latter. Kolari worked together with Bones, but near the game's end, Bones betrays Kolari. During a fight between the two, Kolari's arms were blown off, and, now defenseless, he was knocked in a cave. Bones breaks the bedrock, making him fall in the future's Void (Neo Void), killing him.

Villainous Breakdown

Kolari goes insane twice in the game:

  • The first time, when his pet Creeper, Creepy, is killed by Steve, he goes crazy and screams in rage, and destroys a few trees as Steve carefully walks away.
  • The second time is when his Acid Cannon is destroyed along with a huge chunk of his base plus his best friend, Fireball the Blaze. Here, though, he goes a lot more extreme than the first time; the second time, he literally snaps and goes insane, blowing up huge chunks of cities and burning down forests in extreme rage suffering.


Appearance Kolari looks no different than any other Iron Golem.


Not revealed.


Kolari has an army consisting of Snow Golems. After his bereavement, the army fused with Bones'.


  • Kolari is the only character in the game with a One-Hit KO attack that's not a blaster/cannon shot.
  • Kolari appeared to have plans to dispatch of Bones, as implied by his diary. This was also probably the main reason why Bones murdered him.
  • Kolari was supposed to be the main antagonist for the entire game, but this was changed in favor of Bones.