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A subsidiary of Expansion Corporations, Inc., Magmacore Development is the creator of Minecraft: Revenge of the Wither, as well of another (inactive) series, Scary Tales: Bad Saturday Night. In August 2015,it became a subsidiary of CMCI.

As of now, Magmacore usually creates Minecraft based games and often cooperates with SEGA into producing new Sonic the Hedgehog titles.


  • Budget: €970.000.000 (equivalent to $1,041,968,783)
  • Headquarters: Europe
  • Kind of developer: Third-party developer

Accounts on media (fake)Edit

  • Facebook: Magmacore Development
  • Twitter: @Magmacore_Development
  • Instagram: Magmacore 
  • Reddit: MD Official
  • Twitch: N/A

Parent CompaniesEdit

  • Craft Media Cast International
  • Expansion Corporations, Inc.
  • Mojang AB


  • Ghostracer: Founder (taken over by WS235)
  • TonicHedgefox: Vice President
  • Marx422: Vice Chairman
  • ExoSanford: Employee
  • FeralG5: Employee