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Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither is a game for Ouya and Nvidia Shield, based on the TV series of the same name. It's released in 2020 in most countries (Nippon being an exception).


Wither discovers a book about the Chaos Cardiac. This heart made out of diamond has the power to engulf the planet in darkness. The perfect chance to dominate Minecraftia. Wither shatters it and Steve must collect the shards (each guarded by one of Wither's henchmen) and save his kidnapped Creeper and Enderman friends, while a forcefield is blocking all sunlight...

Gameplay (under construction)Edit

Steve must explore several levels. He can attack with a enchanted Golden Sword and a Iron Axe. He can buy stronger weapons and armour at shops.

Steve has a health bar similarly styled to the Mega Man series. If it runs out, Steve falls off the screen in a similar fashion to Super Mario 3D Land/World. The health bar can be refilled by collecting Golden Apples.


A list of levels and worlds in the game :

Grassland (Forest Biome)

  • Tutorial Tuft
  • Easy Start
  • Beware! Danglerfish ! Beware!
  • You're not Tarzan
  • The Treetops
  • Wonderfull Grassland
  • BOSS : VS Jimmy

​Shroom Mountain (Mushroom Biome)

  • Bounce, Pounce and Trounce!
  • Mooshroom Encounter
  • Haunted Caves
  • Toad Mine
  • Mount Minecraft
  • BOSS : VS Gruedy

Dark Desert (Desert/Beach Biome)

  • Midnight Thirst
  • Mine and Dig
  • Savanna Rush
  • To the beach
  • Enter the dunes
  • TNT House
  • BOSS : Dark Match with Scratchgolem

​Snowy Winter Wonterland (Tundra/Cold Taiga Biome)

  • Snow Bunker
  • Skeletal Army
  • Blow up or 'Splode
  • Wolve Trouble
  • High Iceberg
  • Night High Bridge
  • BOSS : Bones (1st time)

Mount Alp (Extreme hills)

  • Cliff jumper
  • Mount skeleton
  • Sub-boss (mid-boss) : Chef Zombie
  • Cra-Z cliffz
  • The bridge
  • BOSS: Vengefull B.L.A.C.K (4 mini bosses)

Savannah Rainforest (Jungle/Swamp/Savannah biome)

  • Ocelot Cottage
  • Treetop Parkour
  • You're not Tarzan II
  • Dusty Dock
  • Witch Woodland
  • Dark Waters
  • Jungle Temple
  • BOSS: Fane Maze

The Nether

  • Ghast Bridge
  • The Void
  • The Wall
  • The Cave
  • Nether Fortress
  • BOSS: Gray and Lightningbolt

The Void

  • Skyblock
  • Dark Path
  • Nothingness
  • Sub-Boss: Gruesome Ghast
  • White Emptiness
  • It looks like it's day
  • The End
  • BOSS I: The Enderdragon
  • BOSS II: Bairglair Deviss


  • Center
  • The Mall
  • Launch Base Baikonur
  • Manufactory
  • Higher and Higher
  • Withered Chateau
  • BOSS I: Atomus Explosive, Bones (2nd time), Gray's Vendetta, most other major TAWPA members
  • BOSS II: Herobrine
  • BOSS III: Haskoradom
  • FINAL BOSS: The Wither