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Three short Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither episodes airing in succession.

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Bones and Gray have an argument about who has the better army. They decide to fight, but the village is in the middle of the battlefield.


Bones' and Gray's soldiers position themselves. They all run to each other, but are stopped by Steve, saying thet cannot pass since the village is in the central part of their battlefield. Bones tries several attempts at invading the village, then destroy it to allow the armies to fight:

  1. Dressing up as chicken (he was too big to fit in the suit)
  2. Dressing up as a Villager (his voice betrayed him)
  3. Dressing up as Springtrap (there was an "No Robots" sign)
  4. Dressing up as cake delivery boy (the gateau he had was fake)

After these attempts, Bones decides to simply blow up the village. Once he realizes he lacks an A-bomb, he decides to send a nuclear missile from space to Earth. He misfired the rocket, however, and it landed in the ocean, destroying several fishers' boats, allowing their fish to jump into the water. The fishers constantly chase both Bones and Gray, who agree that fighting was not a good idea.