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Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither : Playing Roles is a Role-Playing game by Magmacore Development in cooperation with MCFFW, released in 2016 for Nintendo Wii U and PlayStation Vita.


Bones creates a portal to an alternate, bad future where it's permanently sunset due to Kolari's (an evil antagonist) actions locking up the solar system. Everything around Earth is destructed. Minecraftia, now the only continent on the only planet, is renamed Squarecube Isle, where Kolari is apparently the evil overlord. Bones works together with Kolari, but Steve destroys the portal in a last attempt to stop Kolari from taking over the present Minecraftia in the past, since this would automatically make him overlord of the present dimensions.


Like most RPGs, the player walks around in an area, but making contact with a foe forces the Player in a battle, where the characters take turns into attacking. Depending on what battle it is, attacks can be avoided, can not be avoided or can be blocked. Steve has 500 HP by default, and he can't have more. There are various types of attacks:

  • Attack: a normal attack.
  • Magic: Magic attacks that use MP.
  • Skill: Non-magic attacks that use MP.
  • Special: Particularized attacks that use SP.
  • Defense: Nullifies or lowers damage from attacks by CPUs. Takes up a turn.
  • Overlimit: Gushy, extremely strong attacks. They use up one or two Omega Blitz bars. The bars go up by taking damage.
    • Overdrive: The most powerful attack in the game.



  • Steve Minecraftian: The main hero.
  • Felonius Guns: The deuterantagonist.
  • Ender Twins: Two 7-years old Endermen.
  • Kreepah: A creeper.
  • Israphel: After being betrayed by Kolari, he fights at Steve's side.


  • Bones: The true main antagonist.
  • Kolari: The former primary antagonist.
  • Others are added later.


  • Currently, it's the only MROTW game to be on the Wii U.