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3:41 Angrydroideka10 but do you not like the wiki Fujiwara

3:43 Fujiwara No Mokou I don't know. I haven't been there. So I wouldn't know if I'd like it or not Why are you asking this, may I ask?

3:43 Angrydroideka10 Do you want to help me in my rebellion on Someguy

3:43 Fujiwara No Mokou Who now?

3:43 Angrydroideka10 User:SOMEGUY123

3:44 Fujiwara No Mokou Why would I want to do that?

3:45 Angrydroideka10 He banned me for no reason and he's mean fujiwara

3:45 Fujiwara No Mokou Oh. Well no. Sorry.

3:46 Angrydroideka10 Please be my science

3:46 Fujiwara No Mokou The only sort of rebellion I'm involved with is the Youkai Rebellion.

3:46 Angrydroideka10 minister Be my science minister

3:46 Fujiwara No Mokou What?

3:46 Angrydroideka10 My science minister

3:46 Fujiwara No Mokou What the heck?

3:46 Angrydroideka10 WE WILL OVERTHROW SOMEGUY

3:46 Fujiwara No Mokou No thanks.

3:47 Angrydroideka10 plz

3:47 Fujiwara No Mokou I'm part of the Youkai Rebellion.

3:47 Angrydroideka10 Nonexistent

3:47 Fujiwara No Mokou That's what you think. I see visions of the other world's lunacy.

3:47 Angrydroideka10 I'm logging this

3:47 Fujiwara No Mokou Now excuse me, I'd rather you stop asking.

3:47 Angrydroideka10 haly

  • hakt
  • halt

3:47 Fujiwara No Mokou No.

3:48 Angrydroideka10 I declare war on you

3:48 Fujiwara No Mokou K. Raise the flag of the Youkai Rebellion!