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MROTW Skeleton
Skeletons are the troops of Bones in Minecraft: Revenge of the Wither and all continuties. They are Wither's Elite Troops, alongside Wither Skeletons, Swinghook Creepers and Ender Cubes. Skeletons have a huge array of weapons, including swords, axes, potions, bows, hammers, fishing rods and rifles. Unlike the normal Minecraft, Skeletons in the series don't burn up in sunlight; instead, they become weak and exhausted, like most reptiles at night. Through the use of helmets, though, Skeletons can block sunlight and keep their normal energy at the very most.

Skeletons are also the most cunning, smart, consunmate and captious of all of Wither's troops. They appear the most out of all of TAWPA's troops in the series. A group of Skeletons is known to work for Grezson, and are referred to as "The Atomy Bravo Bond'. 


  • For some reason, Skeletons can resist Potions of Healing in the series. It's unknown if this is a oversight or not.
  • A Skeleton in the series was once portrayed as having a cape and a Iron Hoe, referring it to as his "scythe". This is a spoof of the Grim Reaper.