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The Awesome Wither's Poison Army (TAWPA, pronounced Teeaawpay) is en evil ensemble/organization, with it's leaders serving directly as the main antagonists of Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither.

General InfoEdit

TAWPA was founded in 1994, when Wither went revenge for the death of his stepbrother. Soon after, he became powerhungry, and saw himself as the world's imperator. He recruited various unsatisfied mobs, claiming that The Village is the one who wants to destroy them. 

TAWPA is sometimes falsely considered a mob by fans, as TAWPA has killed lots of inhabitants from the Village.


Leaders (Highest Rank)Edit


TAWPA may have lost to Steve almost every single time, but a few times they have actually succeeded.

  • Most notably in the movie. At the very beginning of the movie, Bones, with a hedgehopper dropped a Command Bomb on the Village with the command set "/takeoverworld". This sends the Village in the future while TAWPA takes over the world. In the future where the heroes land in, TAWPA has actually seized control over the entire universe, and also mechanized the cities and destroyed the nature, completing turning the world mechanic. While Wither resides behind the scenes, Bones and Gray are employed as "Governors" to enforce Wither's laws and biddings. The two skeletons, months before The Village entered this future, captured Creep, Endamaron and Piggy and turned them in cyborg-like beings, with their original memories erased, and also managed to kill Steve, Marino and Guns by disintegrating them with an "Atom Evaporator." However, Steve, Marino and Guns managed to slip back in time due to a Command Bomb error. Near the movie's climax, they defeated TAWPA and restored the world by going back in time and destroying the Command Bomb before it could be dropped, erasing the movie's events from history.