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The City is the capital borough of Minecraftia, though it's never named. It's most prominent role is in Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither: The Ultimate RPG.

The Ultimate RPGEdit

In this game, The City is divided in two parts: Shellthorp, or simply The Village, and Condoville. 

The City is first seen when Steve returns to Shellthorp before and after defeating Bones for the third time. 

Before fighting Bones, The City can be seen as it normally is: a huge city with sky high skyscrapers, condominiums, flatlets and industrial buildings.

After fighting Bones, it appears Gray took over The City (turning it into Shellplex). The town's buildings are now colored black with neon lights (one of which spells "ALL VENERATE OUR NEW MONARCH". The town is now mainly airborne; falling off the roofs or bridges leads to a dark alley, where sadistic teenagers with poniards and snickersnees, known as Money Stealers, reside. Much like their name imply, they attack nearby entities, steal their belongings, then slice their victims to death. They are lossly allied with TAWPA and enforce the laws of the city's client states under TAWPA.