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The Craftverse series is a American-European series made by User:AngrydroidForce99. If you want to become part of the production crew (or its equivalent for this),tell me on my message wall,needed positions will be written somewhere in the countless lines of text below. It takes place in The Craftverse Continuity Family.


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Season Number Premiere Finale Episodes
1 September 15,2012 November 11,2012 15
2 December 17th,2012 January 15th,2012 30
3 20

Season 1Edit

Episode Number Episode Name Plot Release Date Antagonists Debuts
1 Pilot When Lord Morpher sends some Boney Spies disguised as Villagers to the city Alan needs to find them and destroy them before they steal things September 15,2012 Lord Morpher,Boney Spies,Professor Teal (minor),Monsters (recurring),Sir Trollface (background and end of episode) Alan Forgemaker,Lord Morpher,Boney Spy,Sir Trollface,Professor Teal,Green Agents,Mayor Robert Portal,Monsters
2 Trollfaces Troll faces start appearing in random places around the city and Alan finds out that Sir Trollface is behind it September 17,2012 Lord Morpher (mentioned),Monsters (minor),Sir Trollface (main),Trollinators (major) Trollinators,Trollinator Knight
3 Stormstone When a lightning storm occurs,the Stormstone appears and the Skeletal Guardians come to find it September 19,2012 Skeletal Guardians,Lord Morpher (end of episode) Skeletal Guardians
4 When Probes Attack Sir Trollface constructs a Probe Army to hunt down the Mayor November 21,2012 Probes,Sir Trollface,King Probehead (recurring) Probe Army,King Probehead
5 Into the Craftverse Some of the villagers go through a mysterious portal which leads to the Firestone so the Skeletal Guardians come to find it. September 23,2012 Skeletal Guardians none
6 Cloudy-Head Thunderbolt comes to take over The Overworld with his zombie army. September 25,2012 Thunderbolt,Zombies Thunderbolt,Thunderbolt's zombie army
7 Turn on the AD The villagers create a time machine and go back to the year 999. September 27,2012 Dinosaur Bots Dinosaur Bots
8 Monsters vs. The City Monsters invade the city September 29,2012 The Monsters,Lord Morpher none
9 The Yard Sale Alan has a yard sale,but Sir Trollface desides to ruin it November 1,2012 Sir Trollface Alan's boss (on phone)
10 Mecha Attack Sir Trollface's Mecha Robots attack the city November 3,2012 Sir Trollface,Mechas Mechas
11 Bank Robert I guy named Robert robs so many banks November 5,2012 Robert Robert
12 Cow Attack Thunderbolt takes control of some cows and turns them into Zombie Cowmen November 7,2013 Thunderbolt,Zombie Cowmen Zombie Cowman
13 Morph Cows Alan finds cows that can morph and desides to use them to pull a prank on Thunderbolt November 9,2013 Thunderbolt Morphing Cows
14 Invasion of the Craftverse Pt.1 November 11,2013  ?  ?
15 Invasion of the Craftverse Pt.2 November 11,2013  ?  ?

Season 2Edit

Episode Number Episode Name Plot Release Date Antagonists Debuts
16 16 Things to do Before Christmas A wither finds a book called 16 things to do before Christmas and gets suspicious because it's not capitalized December 18th,2012 Morphing Wither Morphing Wither
17 Teleportation The Teleporterstone falls from the sky and the Skeletal Guardians come to find it December 19th,2012 Skeletal Guardians none
18 Custom Christnas On Christmas,Thunderbolt steals all the villager's presents December 20th,2012 Thunderbolt none
19 The Bank Thunderbolt and some zombies steal the money from the bank December 21st,2012 Thunderbolt Bank tellers
20 Thunder-bot Thunderbolt,under order of Lord Morpher creates a robot called Thunderbot December 22nd,2012 Thunderbolt,Lord Morpher (minor,first appearance in a while),Thunderbot none
21 The Clones! Sir Trollface wants to become King of the Overworld,so he creates a clone army December 23rd,2012 Sir Trollface,Trollinators,Clone Army Clone Army
22 Squid Race Alan and the mayor have a squid race,but Thunderbolt brings Mind-controlling Gel to create Squidmen. December 24th,2012 Thunderbolt Squidman
23 Alternate Universes Lord Morpher sends Agent Wither,Agent Pigman and Agent Zombie to find Alan,who is on a fishing trip and accidentally make alternate universes. December 25th,2012 Lord Morpher (minor),Agent Wither,Agent Pigman and Agent Zombie Agent Wither,Agent Pigman,Agent Zombie,Forgemaker Alan,Mr. Morpher,Agent Cowman,Squid Quits
24 Thunderbot Madness Thunderbot starts malfunctioning so Thunderbolt makes new versions called Tablebot,Squidbot,Craftbot,Redbot and Archerbot December 26th,2012 Thunderbolt,Thunderbot,the other bots Tablebot,Squidbot,Craftbot,Redbot,Archerbot
25 Alanether Alan goes to The Nether to find ghast tears for a potion December 27th,2012 Nether mobs Some types of nether mobs
26 Zombie-Chemic Lord Morpher creates some chemically-enhanced zombies and skeletons to attack The City December 28th,2012 Lord Morpher,Chemically enhanced mobs Chemically-Enhanced Zombies,Chemically-Enhanced Skeletons
27 Dragon Attack Sir Trollface goes to the end and clones the Ender Dragon 10 times and sends the clones to The Overworld and calls the non-clone Dragon Prime. The Enderman come too. December 29th,2012 Sir Trollface,Dragon Prime,Ender dragons Dragon Prime,Ender Dragons
28 Angry Red The Leauge of Dragons and their leader come to attack the Overworld December 30th,2012 Leauge of Dragons,Mr. Wings
29 Sniper Sir Trollface has a plan to take over the world. January 1st,2013 Sniper Army,Sir Trollface Sniper Army
30 Prime Attack Sir Trollface brings his Mecha prime back to attack. January 2nd,2013 Sir Trollface none
31 Crossover The Craftverse characters accidentally step in a portal and land in the world of Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither. Bones, Gray and the Trolls compete about who's killing Alan while Steve tries to protect him. January 3rd,2013 Steve,Major-General Gray,Admiral Bones,The Wither,Lord Morpher,Sir Trollface (this episode is supposed to promote MROTW which would be release the next year) Cast of MROTW,Wipeout (unnamed)
32 Battle for the City Sir Trollface,General B,Thunderbolt and Mr. Wings bring their armies in an attempt to destroy the city. January 4th,2013 Sir Trollface,General B,Thunderbolt and Mr. Wings
33 Wave Attack Lord Morpher sends Wipeout the wither skeleton to attack the city after Sir Trollface,General and Mr. Wings were defeated. January 5th,2013 Wipeout,Lord Morpher Wipeout (named)
34 Breakabout Lord Morpher sends Wipeout,Professor Teal and Breakabout to Alan's house to destroy him. January 5th,2013 Wipeout,Professor Teal and Breakabout Breakabout
35 Probe Wipeout King Probehead reactivates the probe army and attacks Alan's house. January 6th,2013 King Probehead none
36 Rob's Back Robert the Robber comes to attack Alan after King Probehead is defeated. January 7th,2013 Robert none
37 Rob's Army Rob builds an army of Trollinator Knights to fight Alan's villager army. January 8th,2013 Robert none
38 Rob-Teal Professor Teal,Breakabout,Robert and Wipeout make a deal to combine their armies to destroy Alan. January 9th,2013 Professor Teal,Breakabout,Robert and Wipeout none
39 Wipeout's Wave Wipeout sends a wave of lava to destroy the city,meanwhile Professor Teal is trying to find the remnants of the Skeletal Guardians and finds Admiral Ford is leading them. January 10th,2013 Wipeout,Professor Teal,Admiral Ford,Skeletal Remnants Admiral Ford,Skeletal Remnants
40 Cloning Out Wipeout makes a deal with the Clone Army and attacks the city with them and Robert's Trollinator Knight army,meanwhile,Lord Blowuphead and Lord Flame come to add to the deal,as well as Thunderbolt,Lord Morpher comes to command the huge group. January 11th,2013 Wipeout,Clone Army,Robert,Lord Blowuphead,Lord Flame,Thunderbolt Lord Blowuphead and Lord Flame
41 Spiderssss An army of spiders led by Lanimirc attacks the city so Alan tries to stop them. January 12th,2013 Lanimirc,Spider Army Lanimirc,Spider Army
42 The Gang A group of criminal zombies and skeletons led by Gang wreaks havoc in the city. January 13th,2013 Gang,Monster Criminals Gang,Monster Criminals
43 Massive Wall Gang and Lanimirc make a deal,then Wipeout,Breakabout and Professor Teal make a deal with them. Robert than adds to the deal. January 14th,2013 above none
44 Invasion Pt. 1 Gang,Lanimirc,Wipeout,Breakabout,Professor Teal,Thunderbolt,Lord Blowuphead,Lord Flame,the Clone Army,the Mecha Army and Admiral Ford attack the city. January 15th,2013 above none
45 Invasion Pt. 2 above January 15th,2013 above none

Season 3Edit

Episode Number Episode Name Plot Release Date Antagonists Debuts
46 The Unknown After Professor Teal,Breakabout,Thunderbolt and the Mecha Army are defeated,a new Villian rises... Febuary 1st,2013 Wipeout,Admiral Ford The Unknown
47 Dragon X Alan goes to the end and sees that the Ender Dragon has built a rollercoaster and goes through space and ends up in the Overworld. Febuary 7th,2013 Ender Dragon II Ender Dragon II
48 Slimers Cubean and his slime army invade the Overworld. Febuary 14th,2013 Cubean Cubean
49 Ender Attack Alan goes to the end and fights the Ender Army,which is being led by Enirbredne and the Ender Dragon II. Febuary 21st,2013 Enirbredne,Ender Dragon II Enirbredne
50 Stone-Steal Lord Morpher tells the Skeletal Remnants to find the Dragon Egg. Febuary 28th,2013 Skeletal Remnants,Captain Forge Captain Forge
51 Attack of the Drones Thunderbot uses an army of Thunderbolt Robots to attack the city. March 5th,2013 Thunderbot None
52 Fight the Gang Gang finds an old Troll base on a different planet and discovers a portal and unleashes creatures from a different dimension. March 12th,2013 Gang,Es Es
53 Eeeee The creatures make their way to the Overworld and start stealing Ender Eyes. March 18th,2013 Es none
54 Revenge Pt. 1 After the creatures are defeated,Gang takes the Ender eyes and opens a portal to a different dimension. March 25th,2013 Gang None
55 Revenge Pt. 2 Herobrine comes through the portal and starts attempting to destroy the city after he teams up with the Trolls. March 25th,2013 Herobrine,Wipeout,Lord Morpher,Gang,Lanimirc Herobrine