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The Wither is the titular main antagonist of Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither: The Ultimate RPG. He serves as the final boss of said game.




Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither: The Ultimate RPG Enemy
The Wither
Internal ID
Location(s) Inside the Wither Storm
Battled by Steve
HP 1200
Power 930
Defense 888
Speed 600
Experience 9999
Diamonds 9999
Items None
Gear None

Wither is fought at the very end of the game. Only the Command Block can be damaged, not Wither himself.

Wither's Command Block makes him completely invincible. After the Command Block is destroyed, Steve learns one final attack to defeat the boss, as all other attacks are useless by then.

The fight starts off with Wither hidden in the Wither Storm, whose three heads (that have 420 HP each) must be destroyed in order to battle Wither. The Wither Storm has three attacks:

  • Shooting lasers from his eyes
  • Shooting fireballs from his mouth
  • Attempting to hit Steve with his tentacles

The heads can regenerate 90 HP to each other, but a head cannot heal himself. After beating all three heads, Wither is exposed.

In this state, Wither has a plenty of attacks. The first is shooting implosive skulls, that must be repelled with the sword. Occasionally, Wither will fake it out (which can be seen if he laughs); pulling up your sword then results in Wither grabbing it, preventing any counterattacks. Later in the fight, Wither will shoot slow, charged blue skulls, that do a lot more damage, and inflict the Wither status effect.

The second is flying in the air, and proceeding to ram into Steve. Blocking or using the sword is the key. The third attack is Wither's trademark spinning attack: Wither will constantly roll in mid-air while staying in place, then ram into Steve, who has to dodge every time Wither comes by. During this attack, Wither will ricochet if he hits wall, ceilings or the floor. The fourth attack is Wither creating the Wither shield, then shoot lasers at Steve that have to be dodged. The shield will stay for three turns (halving any damage dealt to Wither, and nullifying arrow damage), after which Wither will fire it.

The Command Block also has two attacks of his own. The first is absorbing everything, and the buttons must be mashed to not get sucked in. The second attack is the Command Block firing electrical blasts at Steve. These cannot be avoided, dodged or blocked; Steve MUST take damage. The damage that Steve takes in this attack heals the Command Block with the same amount (e.g. if Steve takes 150 damage, Wither will heal the Command Block with 150 HP).

After the Command Block has been destroyed, Steve learns the attack "Omega Rapier". Using this attack defeats Wither; using any other attacks inflicts zilch damage on Wither. If the wrong attack is used, the Command Block returns.

If the Wither isn't defeated in 7 turns, the Wither Storm's heads come back and must be defeated again.

The Command Block is a reference to Minecraft: Story Mode.