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This page is under EXTREME construction. I hope to get it complete ASAP. Ultimate Super Spooky Scary Crossover Fray is a 2017 fighting game released for the Wii U. It's intended as Withersoul's take on Super Smash Bros. It features character from various franchises, creepypastas, memes, and much, much more.

Bounty HuntersEdit

Bounty Hunters are USSSCF's take on SSB's Assist Trophies. The main difference is that red diamonds found around the stage must be paid to summon one.

List of Bounty HuntersEdit

  • Slender Man: Slenderman appears. If looked at, he'll attack the one who looked at him.
  • Golden Freddy: Golden Freddy appears, and immediately disappears, only to return as head a few seconds later, covering the screen with it (the remainder of the screen turns black), preventing anyone from seeing anything.
  • Wither with Command Block: The Wither with the Command Block from Minecraft: Story Mode appears and shoots blasts while absorbing fighters.
  • Bowser: The SMW version of Bowser appears, flying around in the Koopa Clown Car, dropping Big Steelies, Mechakoopas, Bob-ombs and Koopa Shells. The latter three, though, can be grabbed and tossed back to defeat him.
  • Heave Ho: The robotic enemy from SM64 that tosses Mario up if he stands on it (not that purple things known as Chuckyas, who also toss you away). They have their appearance from SM64DS, and drive around the stage, hurling fighters in the air if they step on him. Fighters hurled in the air will either become helpless or get meteor smashed and buried.
  • Cat: A real life cat appears and, guided by a moving yarn ball, attacks everyone it comes near.