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"Thus, history was made in these messages."

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This is the history of Withersoul 235 on CMCI Wiki (requested by DroidForce), and why not Wikia's entirety from late 2014 onwards ?

I: FantendoEdit

One of my favorite wikias of all time (and the first i joined). I joined in February 2014. My projects sucked at the time and my only friend there was Fandro (later renamed to Fandraxono, then Crimson el Roserade, Crimson the Fandraxonian, and currently .snickedge). I'm a bit forgetful 'bout these times so let's move on.

II: SuperMarioGlitchy4 WikiEdit

OK, these were very bad times. There was a real war on that wikia. I chose one side, later i forgot what side i was on and chose the other one. I was classified as a betrayer and later i got blocked by the leader of the side i was on at the time for "BULLSH*TTING !". It became even worse when i accidentally used a picture from DeviantArt without knowing it was copyrighted and i was mobbed around, hated, blocked. I don't want to talk about this terrible months anymore so let's move on.

III: Minecraft Edit

This were at least neat times. I hosted the series Minecraft: Revenge of the Wither on Minecraft Fanfictions Wiki. It became a huge success. I constantly added episodes, made several friends, and shizzle.

IV: 2015Edit

A good year with at least some potential. I returned to Fantendo, and announced my hiatus on SuperMarioGlitchy4 Wiki. Mid-August, i met DroidForce (Angrydroideka10 at the time). He asked if i wanted to join Craft Media Cast International. I accepted. Later i came to this wiki, left, and came back, and now i'm pretty active here. I became bureaucrat here, and so far, this is my short summary on Wikia from late 2014 onwards. (I was around earlier in 2014 in February but i don't renember that times).

Withersoul (talk) 09:38, November 23, 2015 (UTC)